b & W

  • Friday, June 7, 2019

After Mallomars, black & whites are my FAVORITE cookie of all time...


Las Vegas - If anyone calls you, Emails you, texts you, DMs you, and tells you that they have a stoned-cold LOCK on game four tonight, HANG UP! We saw what happened on Wednesday night, when the Warriors opened -6, then dropped like a rock in a barrel of feathers all the way down to -3 when Klay Thompson was ruled out. Tonight, it could be even jumpier. Will Kevin Durant play? He's now listed as questionable, or out, depending on who you believe. Klay should play and is now listed as probable. So, there could literally be three of four iterations of the line. Right now, which is actually yesterday for those reading this, since I'm always a day ahead, GSW is listed at -5 all over Vegas, with a total of 216. If KD had an overnight miracle, and he and Klay both play, the line probably jumps around 2 points, maybe more. If KD is out and Klay plays, the line probably stays at -5 or -5.5. If both are out, the number will drop again, probably down to -3.5 or -3. How do you handicap that? You DON'T. Well, you can, but I will NOT open my wallet.

Of course, a tiny little sweet tasting prop wager might be in order. Just got word that Klay IS gonna play tonight, and in case he goes off, and has one of THOSE Klay games, we'll drop a quarter of a Benj on Thompson at 20/1.