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  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018

This is Pia holding on to the railing...

WHINING & CRYING again. POOR William Hill. The bookmaker out here in Vegas said they lost seven figures on the Super Bowl. Sure, I beat 'em for some cash, but it wasn't SEVEN figures. A bunch of other cry babies around Vegas complaining that they did well on the game, but got hammered on the prop wagers. Jimmy Vaccaro, an old friend and one of the great Vegas bookies for the last 35 years called it perfectly. He said, "we won a ham sandwich." As for the actual numbers, LEGALLY, here in Nevada, there was a total of $158,586,934 bucks bet on the Super Bowl. The win, or hold, was $1,170,432, or 0.7% of the money wagered. The $158 mill was a new record, blowing past last year's $138,480,136. However, last year, the books held $10,937,826 bones, for a 7.9% win. If you're wondering the last time that the sportsbooks actually lost money on the Super Bowl, it was back in 2008 when the NYG beat the Patriots.