• Sunday, November 12, 2017

One more day for my HERO!!!!

Here we go yo. Rocking the Falcons -3 points over the Cowboys. If I were king of the world, or Jerry Jones, Double E, Ezekial Elliott, would have served his suspension already, instead of dragging it out. But I ain’t the king, or, the wannabe king, Double J. Now we have to see if Atlanta can shake off the DREADED Super Bowl HANGOVER. The Falcons were amazing last season for 18 games plus 30 minutes and change on Super Sunday. Then disaster hit harder than Thor’s hammer, and 28-3 turned into a 34-28 loss. All the Falcs said the standard crap, like, that was last season, it’s in the rearview mirror. Apparently NOT. The first eight weeks of 2017 have been absolutely mediocre at 4-4, but it’s time to bust out. There’s TOO much talent in Atlanta, and Matt Ryan didn’t suddenly become a lousy QB. Apparently, the suspension begins Sunday, unless of course there’s some crazy emergency court hearing late Saturday night. If you see Zeke in sweats, then you can PUMP this baby up to a BEST BET!