• Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Can we share that drink???

Grab a cheesesteak 'cause we're goin' to Philly, and gonna try the home team with Aaron Nola over the Rockies. At 7-2 with a gorgeous 2.35 ERA, Nola is on his way to the All-Star game in D.C. for sure. And his work at Citizens Bank Park has been exceptional with a 5-0 PERFECTO. Then we took a look at Colorado's Jon Gray, and the numbers are UGLIFIED. Yea, we made up a new word. Work with me people. Gray has been awful since the middle of May. How bad? How about 38 hits and 22 earned runs in only 23 innings of work. If you don't have your calculator handy, I can tell you that works out to a BULBOUS, EMBARRASSING 8.61 ERA. Since the price is reasonable, we'll drop some love on the Phils.