my boat

  • Thursday, July 13, 2017

That's MY boat...

That's Josephine Skriver on the dock...

Should I pick her up???

NBA Commish Adam Silver is not the only head honcho that has sports gambling on the radar screen. Rob Manfred was speaking at the MLB All-Star Game, and addressed the sports betting case. According to The Associated Press: “If there’s going to be a change in the regulatory structure with respects to sports gambling, we needed to be in a position to meaningfully engage and shape, try to shape what the new regulatory scheme looks like,” Manfred said. “We’re in the process of talking to our owners and figuring out where we want to be in the event that there is in fact a significant change coming.”

Once again, Rob (MLB), Adam (NBA), Roger (NFL) and Gary (NHL), if you need me, CALL!!! Will not charge you a penny. Maybe just a couple of seats to selected games. Maybe a little swag!