• Friday, August 11, 2017


Not gonna drop any cash, but if you’re interested, there’s a pretty sweet stat in the Seahawks - Chargers game on Sunday. And it revolves around Seattle coach Pete Carroll. Apparently, Mr. Happy takes the pre-season pretty seriously. How do we know this? He has a superb 31-14 record against the spread in the games that DON’T count.

You know that we have been SCREAMING about all the SCAMDICAPPERS that liter the handicapping landscape, and maybe it’s finally working. David Payne Purdum, who covers the sports gambling beat at ESPN, put up a poll asking if anyone was gonna buy picks from a sports handicapping service. Looking at the early results, it was 90% NO, and just 10% yes. Makes my heart VERY HAPPY!!!

Gonna grab the Brewers over the Reds tonight....