• Saturday, September 9, 2017

I'm seeing STARS!!!

Is anyone else seeing STARS???

Before the U.S. Open started we bought a couple of futures. My long shots were Madison Keys at 15/1 and Coco Vandeweghe at 25/1. Once they made the semi-finals, it was basically guaranteed money. So, here’s my issue. Do I hedge and put a little cash on Sloane Stephens, or go for the gusto with Keys. Totally open to your thoughts. You can hit my Email, Right now, I’m leaning to the LET IT RIDE BABY, pushing all the chips in on Mad Keys.

All my people tell me to stay away from teasers, but they’re just so fun, and I’m firing. Start out down in Durham, and we’ll take Duke from +3 to +13 points against Northwestern. Then, in the Rio Grande Rivalry, or if you prefer, The Battle of I-25, we’ll take New Mexico State from +8 to +18 points against New Mexico. And close it out down in Death Valley, where the play is Auburn from +6 to +16 points against Clemson. Gimme half a hundred on the three team 10-point teaser.

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