• Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Thinking about a Tesla...

Who has one???

PLZ tell me what you think...

Las Vegas - Gonna roll out a sweet little two team 6-point teaser. Starting with Virginia Tech and taking the Hokies down from -7 to -1 point against Miami-Florida. Double revenge spot for the Hurricanes, which only means one thing. They can NOT beat Tech. Then we'll grab Oklahoma State and bump the Cowboys up from +4.5 to +10.5 points against TCU. Okie State seems to have perked up here at the end of the season, covering four in a row and five of the last six. The Horned Frogs appear to be heading in the opposite direction, covering only three of the last 12. TEASE me baby!

For your wagering pleasure, here are your spread stats of the day. Lemme tell you about the Big Sky. What? Where? Yea, the Sky doesn't get much love, but of course, we love to highlight the obscure conferences. Gonna look at the Montana State/Idaho game that will be played in Boise. It's NOT a home court edge because the Vandals play in Moscow, which is almost three hundred miles and five and a half hours from Boise, on a good driving day. Home state AIN'T gonna matter here, because Idaho is one of the saddest sacks in the country at 5-26. They stumble in to the tourney with an 0-12 straight up negative perfecto on the road, so winning is out of the question. The Bobcats from Montana have covered eight of the last 12 and have gone Over in 10 of the last 14. Montana State's overall spread log sits at 17-12, 9-8 on the road and 8-2 as a favorite. Idaho's overall spread mark is 9-19, 5-10 on the road/neutral and 9-17 as an underdog.
If you need spread stats on ANY team, ANY conference, just hit my Email, ben@americasline.com, or, message me on Twitter, @vegasvigorish.

GOLF REPORT: Got the Over/Under for how many balls will find the water on the famous 17th hole this week at The Players Championship. Right now, we're looking at an over/under of 39.5 balls.
And just to give you some context, here is a list of balls that found the water since 2003:
2018 - 53
2017 - 69
2016 - 36
2015 - 45
2014 - 28
2013 - 44
2012 - 39
2011 - 40
2010 - 29
2009 - 32
2008 - 64
2007 - 93
2006 - 67
2005 - 68
2004 - 30
2003 - 29
So, using 39.5 as a base, there woulda been nine Overs and seven Unders. Good luck.