• Wednesday, October 4, 2017


THX to all for checking up on the Ecks & Bacon family here in Vegas. APPRECIATE your prayers, and we continue to pray of all the friends that were in the middle of the horror.

Back to business, specifically, baseball business, and a quick word about betting the bases. LOVE to throw down during the regular season, and have had a bunch of consecutive winning seasons. At least 25 games over .500 the last like 15 years. I’m no math genius, but when you have 15 games a day to choose from during the regular season, and one or two, maybe even four in the playoffs, it leads to me to two words, DON’T PRESS! Just because it’s the playoffs, you DON’T have to wager, unless you feel it. Back in 1997, had a totally berserk year with a final record of 97-42, 55 games over .500, yet went only 9-15 in the playoffs. So, that’s why I’m not jumping on tonight’s game. Was leaning to the D’backs with Zack Greinke and his 13-1 record at home, but his last two starts have been pathetic (15 hits, 10 earned runs, 8 innings, 7.20 ERA). PLZ check my Twitter, @vegasvigorish, for any late breaking stuff, because I just might change my mind.