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  • Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Las Vegas - If you're thinking that following trends could be profitable, these are the numbers you might wanna digest. Solid week for the underdogs, posting a 9-6-1 spread record. Also a money making week for the road teams with a 10-6 mark. And if you're planning on betting only Overs, or, only Unders, the final tally from the week was dead even at 8-8. As usual, advantage BOOKIES!

If you're ready to lay a YUGE price, then we're gonna talk Phillies with Zack Wheeler over the Orioles. Wheeler has been a BEAST the last three times out, allowing just 2 earned runs over 17 innings for a skinny 1.06 ERA. You also need to know that Wheeler fired 23 Ks over those 17 frames. The Phils are still in the mix for the second Wild Card and are always tough at home. Baltimore AIN'T tough anywhere and will NOT find a W tonight.