• Sunday, February 11, 2018

In case anyone asks, yea, Zebra is my favorite print!!!

Starting to work on the MLB over/under totals for this season, and if you're wondering which team is at the top, it's the World Champs. The Astros are gonna roll into 2018 with an over/under total of around 96.5. Next up is their opponent in the World Series, the Dodgers, coming in around 95.5. The Yankees, Cubs and Indians will all start at around 93.5 wins, although the Cubbies might tick up after signing Yu Darvish yesterday. Sadly, for those of us who LOVED Derek Jeter for all those years with the NYY, his Marlins are sitting absolutely DEAD LAST on the chart with an over/under win total of 64.5. OUCH!