NFL Specials Betting Odds Roundup

With live sporting events still few and far between thanks to COVID-19, bettors are left with mostly props and futures to scratch their betting itch. At Bovada Sportsbook, they have a few interesting NFL Specials that could be a lucrative wager if the unexpected happens.

Leading the way on the NFL Specials at Bovada are a pair of Dak Prescott bets. The Dallas starting quarterback remains without a contract as he continues to await a big payday from the Cowboys. If you can figure out how much that payday might be worth and when it will finally arrive, you could make a few bucks.

Will Dak’s deal be worth over $35 million a year?

One prop bet at Bovada asks what the average annual value of Dak Prescott’s next contract will be. Your choices are OVER $35 million per season at -140 or UNDER $35 million per season at EVEN money. For comparison, Russell Wilson is currently the highest-paid quarterback in the league with an average annual salary of $35 million.

Prescott won’t be going anywhere as Dallas has placed the franchise tag on him. That means if he doesn’t sign a new deal by July 15, he’ll receive $31.4 million under the franchise tag. It also leads to another Bovada NFL special: “Will Dak Prescott Have the Franchise Tag Designation for Game 1 of the 2020 NFL Regular Season?” Yes is the underdog at +325 while No is available at -550.

Dallas favored landing spot if Adams gets traded

One other NFL player the Bovada oddsmakers have provided an NFL Specials bet on is New York Jets safety Jamal Adams. The two-time Pro Bowler has reportedly been on the trade block for months. That’s led to a “Where Will Jamal Adams Play Game 1 of the 2020-21 NFL Season?” prop.

The favorite on the prop is the Jets at -200. If he does get traded, the favorites are the Cowboys at +450 and the Houston Texans at +550. Also in the running according to Bovada are the Seattle Seahawks (+1200) and Philadelphia Eagles (+1400). The New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers are all listed at +1800.

Props available on three teams to go 16-0

Rounding out the Bovada NFL Specials are props on perfect and imperfect seasons. Starting with the perfect seasons, if any team in the league were to go 19-0 en route to a Super Bowl title, it would pay out at +1900. If any team goes 16-0 but flames out in the playoffs, it would pay out at +950.

You can also get perfect season props on three specific teams. The Baltimore Ravens going 16-0 pays +2800. The Kansas City Chiefs going 16-0 pays +1800. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers going 16-0 pays +7500.

On the other side of the coin, if any team has an imperfect season and goes 0-16, it would pay +1900 at Bovada. They’ve also keyed in on a pair of teams that could specifically go 0-16. First the Washington Redskins going 0-16 pays +5000. The Jacksonville Jaguars going 0-16 pays +2800.