Ecks & Bacon....Feel The Sizzle!!!

Monday, May 21, 2018


LeBron is the GREATEST player of this generation. Agree. LeBron is now on Mount Rushmore with Kareem, Michael and Bill Russell. Agree. LeBron is getting help from his supporting cast and will be tough to beat. Agree. But what about my world? The spread? Looked back over the Celtics work in the regular season, to see how they bounced back from getting HAMMERED. While the Cs did not lose by THIRTY points this season, they did lose to the Bucks in the first round of the playoffs by 24 points in Milwaukee, 112-96. Then they turned around in the next game and lost again, 104-102, but covered as a +6 point dog. From the Cleveland angle, the closest thing we could find to a blowout in the playoffs was a 128-110 win against the Raptors in game two of that series. The Cavs returned to Cleveland for the next game, and won again, 105-103, but failed to cover a -4.5 point spread. So, obviously, gonna take Boston +7 points to keep it snug.

Just watched the Vegas Golden Knights close out the Winnipeg Jets in five games, and all the water you see on the Strip is the crybaby sportsbook operators that have a YUGE liability heading into the Stanley Cup Final. Why? The Knights were anywhere from 200/1 to 500/1 to win the Cup before the season started. And NO, SADLY, I do NOT have a ticket.

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