YUGE thank you to Sports Illustrated!!!

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Did I mention how much I LOVED polka dots???

WoW! What a response. If I stayed in NYC for two months, could not get to all the Italian joints that you all were kind enough to recommend. Got love from the Bronx to Staten Island, Queens to Long Island, but nada from Brooklyn. What’s up CROOKLYN?

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This is Melissa Bolona on the left...

And this is Melissa Bolona on the right...

Nothing at all to do with politics, but think I'm leaning to the right...

Which way do you lean???

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Every time I look at the ocean drops washing over Sofia, it cools me off...

Just hit 112 on the outside thermometer, and it could go to 114. Maybe 117 by Wednesday. But it’s a DRY heat. Yea, and so is a FREAKIN’ OVEN!!! Gonna check out the pool and take a HEAT day...

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See those little drops of water all over Sofia?

Guess who was spraying from behind the camera???

Yup, ME!!!

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