J LO is from the Bronx...

I am from the Bronx...

Not thrilled with either NFL game. Will not open the wallet, but lean to the Bears and Chiefs. However, a little two team 6-point teaser might be in order. Would take the Lions from -4.5 to +1.5, and the Chiefs from +1 to +7.

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VERY excited to see the ALL female Oceans 8!!!

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Just curious...

Would you consider this color pink???

Hot pink???

Very hot pink???


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Morning stretch on the beach with Charlotte...

A bunch of sportsbooks here in Vegas doubled the Packers/Panthers line yesterday to Carolina -6, then dropped it back down this morning to -3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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If you're running out of ideas for Christmas presents, check out this sweet Reggie Jackson work of art...

Heard that Reggie ordered 10 but there are still some left...

I know the artist pretty well, and might even be able to get you the family discount!!!

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