Super Bowl 52 Props Preview

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, which means time’s running out to get your prop bets in order. At Bovada Sportsbook they’ve unleashed another massive lot of Super Bowl 52 prop bets, with many having nothing to do with the actual game.

You can start making money before the kickoff with simple prop bets on the coin toss and the national anthem. There is no easier prop bet than the coin toss. It’s 50/50, heads or tails, with both listed at -105 at Bovada Sportsbook. In case you’re wondering, last year’s coin toss was tails, and in the previous 51 Super Bowls, tails has come up 27 times and it’s been heads 24 times.

This year’s national anthem performer is pop singer Pink. What really matters for prop bettors is how long it takes her to sing the song. The OVER/UNDER total for the anthem has been set at exactly two minutes with the OVER favored at -160. Last year Luke Bryan took two minutes four seconds to get through The Star Spangled Banner, and in the last 12 Super Bowls the average song length was one minute 58 seconds.

Moving on to the halftime show, which this year features Justin Timberlake. Keep an eye on Timberlake’s feet when he takes the stage, as a prop bet is being offered on the color of his shoes. Leading the way on the prop odds is white at -120, followed by black at +200, brown/beige at +700, blue and green, both at +1000, red at +1200, and yellow at +2000.

You can also bet on if any of Timberlake’s pals from ’NSYNC will appear with him during the halftime show. The sportsbook doesn’t think it will happen with Yes as underdog at +200 and No favored at -300.

With the Super Bowl taking place in Minnesota, the home state of past halftime performer Prince, there’s also prop odds on whether Timberlake will cover a Prince song. Yes is favored at -200.

Rounding out our look at specialty props is the Gatorade shower. Which color of sticky liquid will the winning coach be bathed in this year? The favorite is lime/green/yellow at +225. You can also get orange at +300, red at +400, clear/water at +400, blue at +400 and purple at +1000. There was no Gatorade shower last year in Super Bowl 51, but prior to that four of the last seven were orange.