Super Bowl 53 Props Review

The Super Bowl 53 props list is so long and full of such an assortment of bets it’s almost possible to win or lose money on every aspect of Super Sunday. That includes the pregame, the game itself, halftime, postgame and even the commercials between the action.

If you want to make some scratch before the game begins, put a few bucks down on the coin toss. It’s a simple bet – heads or tails – with each side paying -105 at Bovada Sportsbook. If the trends interest you, last year the coin toss was heads and in Super Bowl history it’s been heads 25 times and tails 27 times.

Another popular pregame prop bet is betting on the length of the national anthem. This year Gladys Knight will sing the Star Spangled Banner and her OVER/UNDER prop time has been set at one minute 47 seconds. The OVER is a -170 favorite. Last year Pink took 1:53 to sing the song and in 10 of the last 11 years the singing time has gone OVER 1:47.

Once the game begins, the number of prop bets available explodes exponentially. A couple of interesting ones involve the first touchdown and Tony Romo in the announcers booth.

Let’s start with the jersey number of the player to score the first touchdown. The number Bovada Sportsbook oddsmakers have chosen is 26.5 with the OVER at -140 and the UNDER at -120. For anyone who doesn’t know the numbers of the touchdown leaders on both sides, Todd Gurley is 30, Brandin Cooks is 12, Robert Woods is 17, Sony Michel is 26 and Julian Edelman is 11.

Romo predictions from booth generate prop odds

Romo has garnered plenty of attention for his ability to predict plays from the booth. The oddsmakers picked up on this and have developed the prop bet “how many plays will Tony Romo correctly predict ahead of the play?” The total was set at 7.5 with the OVER and UNDER both at -120.

At the end of the game, the winning team’s head coach will likely receive the traditional Gatorade shower. If you can predict the color of the sticky liquid, you could make some money. Last year Doug Pederson was covered in yellow Gatorade. This year clear/water is the favorite at +220 followed by a combo of lime/green/yellow at +225. Other options include orange and blue, both at +400, red at +600 and purple at +1000.

One last prop bet we need to mention was likely added to the list following Cody Parkey’s infamous double doink in the Chicago Bears’ loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. The new prop, “will a kicker hit the upright or crossbar on a field goal or extra point,” could be quite lucrative if someone commits a doink on Sunday. No is favored on the prop at -600, while Yes comes in at +350.