Super Bowl 54 Betting Props Roundup

If you’re looking for a few more fun Super Bowl 54 prop bets to wager on, we’ve got another dose of interesting props for you to consider.

Several Super Bowl prop bets offered at Bovada Sportsbook center on the first to happen in the big game. For example, which team will be the first to 10 points? On that prop, the Kansas City Chiefs are slight favorites at -125 while the San Francisco 49ers are listed at -105.

You can also bet on which team will take the first timeout. Both sides are listed at -110 on that prop. How about what will happen first: a sack at -110, or a touchdown at -130? You can bet as well on props on the last things to happen in the Super Bowl. One standout is the last team to score. Both the Chiefs and 49ers are listed at -115.

Odds of Super Bowl doink listed at +600

If rare in-game occurrences are your thing, there are a few props for that as well. For example, will a kick hit the upright or crossbar? No is a big favorite at -1200, while a doink would pay out at +600. You can also wager on whether a non-quarterback will throw a touchdown pass. No is favored there as well at -580, while Yes comes in at +340.

If the halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira isn’t your style, you can at least make it more interesting by placing a few bets. This year’s halftime show props include how many songs will be sung in Spanish, with the total set at 1.5. The OVER is favored at -300 and the UNDER is +200.

The prop total for number of songs during the halftime show was set at 8. The OVER is favored there as well at -160 and the UNDER is at +120.

Will Jennifer Lopez open with On the Floor?

If you can correctly guess which song Jennifer Lopez will sing first, you could make some good money. The Bovada oddsmakers have listed 13 songs on the prop, with a few of the favorites being On the Floor at +400, Jenny from the Block at +425 and Let’s Get Loud at +450.

If exotic bets are in your wheelhouse, there are tons to go around this year. They include props featuring Donald Trump, commercials, Bitcoin and other sports. One wager, for example, is on whether the price of bitcoin will rise or fall during the game, with rise favored at -125. Also on the list is which will be higher, Patrick Mahomes passing yards or Tiger Woods total strokes at this year’s Masters. On that prop, Mahomes is favored at -200.