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The Duke Blue Devils began this year’s NCAA Tournament as the top seed in the South, and...

Las Vegas -

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Elite eight looks like a great landing spot for NC State, and at +3 points, this dog is gonna BARK all the way to the bank. State had a fabulous win AT Louisville earlier in the season, 74-65, and it should be more of the same. The Wolfpack cleaned the glass 47 times which was 10 more than the Cardinals, and Chris Jones had 20 points in that contest. Jones is gone, and the 'Ville is gonna have a TOUGH time making up the 20 spot. NC State has covered eight of the last 11, while Louisville has managed to cash a ticket just three times in the last 10 outings. Mark Gottfried is no Rick Pitino, no Hall of Famer, but this guy can coach. He has a superb 92-51 record since coming over to the Wolfpack, has guided the 'Pack to the Sweet 16 twice, and owns a solid 371-205 lifetime mark from his stops at Alabama and Murray State. Just had an Email from my man Jason M., and he asked me how to bet the tournament. Of course I advised him to stay with single bets instead of parlays, and take a teaser only if you really think the numbers are in your favor. So, we got a 6-point two team teaser where the numbers look delicious. Gonna take Michigan State from -1.5 to +4.5 points over Oklahoma, and the surging UCLA Bruins from +8.5 to +14.5 points against Gonzaga. Gimme half a Benjamin on NC State and another half on the teaser.


Started the Sweet 16 with a bang as Notre Dame, a +2 point underdog, beat Wichita State, 81-70. Picked up half a Benj for that effort. Then my three team teaser also started with a W, as North Carolina covered an adjusted +12.5 point spread in a 79-72 loss to Wisky. Arizona covered the -4.5 point teaser spread in a 68-60 win over Xavier, but the third leg came up a LITTLE short. Like THIRTY points short. Had West Virginia +19.5 points over Kentucky and the game was over before the first TV timeout. The Wildcats OBLITERATED Huggy Bear and his Mountaineers, 78-39, and that was the end of my sweet teaser dreams. That cost me half a Benj, so it was a push for the evening, which left the CBB figure at -$280.


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7:00 PM 502Charlotte192o-110191½o-105191o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Atlanta :: Charlotte)
03/28/2015503New York191o-110190½o-105191o-1050
8:00 PM 504Chicago-15½-110-17½-105-17½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (New York :: Chicago)
03/28/2015505Golden State-7½-110-5-105-5½-1050
8:30 PM 506Milwaukee201o-110201½o-105201o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Golden State :: Milwaukee)
03/28/2015507Oklahoma City-1½-110-6-105-5-1100
9:00 PM 508Utah197½o-110197o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Oklahoma City :: Utah)
10:00 PM 510Portland-8-110-8½-109-8½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Denver :: Portland)
12:30 PM 702Washington0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Houston :: Washington)
03/29/2015703LA Lakers0
3:30 PM 704Brooklyn0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (LA Lakers :: Brooklyn)
4:00 PM 706New Orleans0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Minnesota :: New Orleans)
4:30 PM 708Cleveland0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Philadelphia :: Cleveland)
03/29/2015709LA Clippers0
6:00 PM 710Boston0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (LA Clippers :: Boston)
6:00 PM 712Miami0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: Miami)
7:00 PM 714Indiana0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Dallas :: Indiana)
7:00 PM 716San Antonio0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Memphis :: San Antonio)
03/29/2015717Oklahoma City0
9:00 PM 718Phoenix0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Oklahoma City :: Phoenix)
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03/28/2015511Notre Dame137o-110136o-108137o-1050
8:49 PM 512Kentucky-11½-106-11-108-11½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Notre Dame :: Kentucky)
6:09 PM 514Wisconsin133½o-110131½o-105132o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Arizona :: Wisconsin)
7:30 PM 516NJIT-3-110-2½-105-2½-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Canisius :: NJIT)
04/01/2015525Loyola of Chicago0
8:00 PM 526Louisiana-Monroe0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Loyola of Chicago :: Louisiana-Monroe)
03/29/2015719Michigan State-2-110-2½-1050
2:20 PM 720Louisville128½o-108128½o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Michigan State :: Louisville)
5:05 PM 722Duke-2½-104-2½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Gonzaga :: Duke)
8:00 PM 746Loyola of Chicago-5½-110-5½-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Louisiana-Monroe :: Loyola of Chicago)
7:00 PM 770Temple142½o-110-1-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Miami :: Temple)
9:25 PM 772Old Dominion139½o-110138½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Stanford :: Old Dominion)
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3:00 PM 2NY Rangers0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Washington :: NY Rangers)
5:00 PM 4Ottawa0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Florida :: Ottawa)
5:00 PM 6NY Islanders0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Detroit :: NY Islanders)
5:00 PM 8Carolina0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Boston :: Carolina)
5:00 PM 10Nashville0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Calgary :: Nashville)
7:00 PM 12New Jersey0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Anaheim :: New Jersey)
03/29/201513San Jose0
7:30 PM 14Pittsburgh0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Jose :: Pittsburgh)
7:30 PM 16Winnipeg0
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Chicago :: Winnipeg)
12:30 PM 52Washington-130-119-1250
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Nashville :: Washington)
03/28/201553San Jose5½u-1305½o-1075½o-1050
1:00 PM 54Philadelphia-105u-130-110-110o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (San Jose :: Philadelphia)
1:00 PM 56NY Islanders-123-117-1250
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Anaheim :: NY Islanders)
1:00 PM 58Pittsburgh-325-325-3500
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Arizona :: Pittsburgh)
03/28/201559NY Rangers5o-1165o-1055o-1150
1:00 PM 60Boston-112-105o-105-105o-1150
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (NY Rangers :: Boston)
03/28/201561Tampa Bay5½u-1155½u-1250
2:00 PM 62Detroit-120-1200
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Tampa Bay :: Detroit)
7:00 PM 64Montreal-175-164-1650
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Florida :: Montreal)
03/28/201565New Jersey5u-1285u-1305u-1350
7:00 PM 66Carolina-120-140-1400
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (New Jersey :: Carolina)
7:00 PM 68Toronto5½o-1015½o-1045½o-1100
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Ottawa :: Toronto)
8:00 PM 70St. Louis-230-230-2400
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Columbus :: St. Louis)
03/28/201571Los Angeles5u-125-1135o-1050
8:00 PM 72Minnesota-1165u-113-105o-1050
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Los Angeles :: Minnesota)
9:00 PM 74Colorado-358-305-3200
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Buffalo :: Colorado)
10:00 PM 76Vancouver-133-155-1600
Matchup :: Preview :: Injuries: (Dallas :: Vancouver)