ants and eaters

  • Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Las Vegas - Okay, need some help. Been watching Football Night in America all season and enjoy the show as well as the highlights. Here's my question. Every time they throw it to Jac Collinsworth and Rodney Harrison, you see a long two shot, maybe 15/20 feet away. Then when Jac asks Rodney his first question, it's a tight shot on Rod's face. When Harrison is done, they go back to a long shot. No close up on Jac's face. WHY? WHAT is going on? Asking for a friend. Actually asking for my wife! If you have any thoughts, and can solve this puzzle, she will send you a jar of her FANTABULOUS, WORLD FAMOUS spaghetti sauce.

Had this prepared for you:

A little college hoop action out West tonight, and we're on UC-Irvine over UC-San Diego. Who doesn't like an ANTEATER? Yea, that is Irvine's nickname. And if you have not seen their hats or t-shirts, check out the online book store. FABULOUS! San Diego's nickname is the Tritons. And there's some confusion. If you're going with the Tritons and the capital T, then Triton is a Greek god of the sea, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. If you're going triton with a small t, then the dictionary says: a triton is a large mollusk which has a tall spiral shell with a large aperture, living in tropical and subtropical seas. Don't really care which Triton/triton you use, so lets get back to bizness. San Diego is NOT very good on the road. Actually, they SUCK on the road, as they head to Irvine with an UGLY 0-7 NEGATIVE SPREAD PERFECTO! Irvine comes in with a gorgeous 4-0 PERFECTO at home, so it's the Anteaters for the money, but since the spread is double digits, take it light.

Then this happened:

This game has been postponed due to COVID issues.