bean are bad

  • Friday, September 16, 2022

Las Vegas - HATE to do this, but gotta roll with the Red Sox over the Royals this evening. Boston sends Michael Wacha to the hill and all he does is win. Wacha has put together a PHENOMENAL 11-1 mark with a 2.69 ERA and has not lost a game since May 31. The Sox are coming off a truly EMBARRASSING loss to the Yankees this past Wednesday night, and should be able to get back on track against the Royals. If you didn't know, they named a milkshake after Wacha when he was with St. Louis. And of course, it was called the Wacha Wacha. The shake was vanilla with chocolate chips and Cracker Jack. Not sure if they've named anything after him yet in Boston, but if he keeps throwing darts, they WILL! My Sox, for at least one day, are RED!