• Sunday, May 31, 2020

Las Vegas - Heading back to Germany for some Bundesliga action, and gonna take a look at the two favorites today. If you're out in the Pacific Time Zone, it's an early start (6:30 AM) for Borussia Monchengladbach vs. 1. FC Union Berlin. And you will not mind waking up early to add a few bucks to the bank account. But first, a quick word about Borussia. Both favorites on the card today are Borussia teams. What does it mean? Borussia is the Latin word for Prussia, a former European state that comprised much of what today is Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Russia. Now that the geography lesson is complete, anyone that sends me an audio clip pronouncing Monchengladbach three times, fast, will get a roll of SMARTIES in the mail. Actually, if you can say their full name, Borussia Verein für Leibesübungen 1900 e.V. Mönchengladbach, three times fast, I will landscape your front and back yard, and buy you a Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 BBQ! The Foals are in 5th place, two points behind RB Leipzig, and are fighting for a spot in the UEFA Champions League. There will be NO letdown here as Mönchengladbach has won nine of the last 10 at home, with one draw, and will have no trouble with the visitors from Berlin.

In the second game, we're gonna back another Borussia, Dortmund, over SC Paderborn. Dortmund is still in 2nd place in the Bundesliga standings, while Paderborn is sitting in the 18th hole, which is DEAD LAST! If you really wanna understand the GIGUNDO gap between these two teams, check this out. Dortmund has scored 74 goals, allowed just 34 for a gorgeous +40 goal differential. Paderborn, the team with NO nickname, has scored only 31 goals, allowed 55 for an ugly -24 goal differential. We're gonna roll with the Black & Yellows from Dortmund because they're WAY better, and also, maybe just as important, we couldn't find a nickname for Paderborn!




*German Bundesliga*



1. FC Union Berlin * +$550*

Draw * +$320*

Over/under goal total * 3.0 goals*


Borussia Dortmund * -$300*

SC PADERBORN 07 * +$780*

Draw * +$450*

Over/under goal total * 3.5 goals*