• Thursday, March 19, 2020

Las Vegas - 'Changes,' the great David Bowie song is exactly what the NFL Futures landscape looks like after the VOLCANIC eruption that Tom Brady's move to Tampa Bay has caused. Of course, the Patriots odds have dropped, which we documented yesterday, and naturally, the Bucs are on the rise. One of my boys hit a sportsbook here in Vegas on Tuesday night, while all the rumors were swirling, and was able to catch Tampa at 40/1 to win the Super Bowl. Now, the Bucs are sitting between 15/1 and 18/1 depending on where you shop. WELL DONE Mr. G! Aside from the drop in Super Bowl odds, Tampa has dropped from 25/1 down to 10/1 to win the NFC crown. And in the NFC South, the Bucs have jumped over the Falcons. The Saints are still a YUGE favorite at 1/2, but Tampa has gone from an open of 5/1 down to 2/1, while Atlanta, which opened at 3/1, has jumped to 5/1.

And we understand why a bunch of the sportsbooks are pushing soccer in Turkey and Russia, but if you think any touts have a handle on this in just one week, the answer is uh uh. PLZ SAVE YOUR FREAKIN' MONEY!!!