• Sunday, September 26, 2021

Las Vegas - On to the NFL board Sunday, get out the oxygen tank 'cause we're gonna go Mile High and grab the Broncos over the Jets. Laying double digits in the NFL is a gamble, isn't everything, but in this spot, it looks like money in the bank. Denver is 2-0, actually 5-0 if you include the preseason, and it's the defense that is rocking the party. They have allowed only 13 points in each of the first two games, both on the road, and a total of 47 points in all five 2021 outings. That's less than 10 ppg, and that's impressive. Then the Broncos have the good fortune of having Teddy Bridgewater at QB. And Teddy Bridge has been deadly ACCURATE the first two weeks, hitting on 54 of 70 which spits out as 77% on the calculator. Yea, SEVENTY SEVEN PERCENT! Then you look at the QB on the other side, rookie Zach Wilson, and all we can say is, AYE YAI YAI! Wilson isn't even completing 60% of his passes, has 2 TDs, FIVE INTs, and has been sacked TEN times. Ouch! We have seen mostly -10.5, but if you shop carefully, there are a few -10s out there. We're gonna lay any number because Bridgewater has been one of the BEST money makers over his NFL career, covering an incredible 38 of 52. Take the BRIDGE all the way to the bank BAABBBEEE!!!

And now to Mr. Perfecto, the Other Silver Brother, who jumped out of the box with a 2-0 record on his three team 10-point teasers. And looking for the hat trick, his next winner is this. Take Buffalo and drop the Bills from -7 to +3 points against Washington. Then grab Kansas City and drop the Chiefs from -7 to +3 points against the Chargers. The last piece of the puzzle is a total. Look at the Over/Under total in the Ravens/Lions game which is sitting at around 50. Drop the total down to 40 and play the Over.