dallas stars 77

  • Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Las Vegas - Got an early afternoon trip to London for you and we're gonna drop some chips on West Ham United over Norwich City. It's gonna be expensive if you wanna bet the Hammers, but after looking at Norwich City's last five games, the investment looks very solid. Here are the scores of the Canaries (yea, that's Norwich) last five games in the Premier League. Tottenham wins 3-0. Manchester United wins 1-0. Aston Villa wins 2-0. Arsenal wins 5-0 and Crystal Palace wins 3-0. Got the calculator out and it told me that Norwich was on the UGLY end of a 14-0 combined score. When you average ZERO GOALS per game, it's kinda tough to put a W on the board. It's HAMMER TIME BAABBBEEE!

Lacing up the skates tonight and dropping a few bucks on the Stars over the Kraken. First of all, NOT totally thrilled with the Kraken nickname. Anyone love it? Thoughts? But they are finally acting like a traditional expansion team, losing six in a row and nine of the last 10. Dallas has been on a sweet roll, winning four of the last five, and should have no problem skating past the new kids on the (ice) block!