• Friday, March 9, 2018

These white, yellow, orange and green flowers make me VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!

Looking at a two team 6-point teaser, and we'll use the official closing lines. Start with Buffalo, not the Bills, but the Bulls, -10 over Kent State, and drop 'em down to -4. Why? The Buffs are clearly the class of the MAC with a gorgeous 24-8 record, while Kent just barely moved over the .500 mark, 17-16, with yesterday's win over Ball State. Then we'll look at the ACC and grab Clemson at +8 and bump them up to +14 against Virginia. No doubt that the Cavaliers, with maybe one of the best logos in ALL of sports, google the swords, will wind up with the W. However, there is some serious bad blood here from a regular season game at Charlottesville. Why? The Cavs EMBARRASSED the Tigers 61-36, yea, THIRTY SIX! Totally get that UVA is a phenomenal defensive team and probably gonna be a number one seed at the Big Dance, but we're talking about REVENGE baby!!!