golden dubs

  • Friday, May 20, 2022

Las Vegas - Before we fly out to San Francisco, a quick stop in Brewtown where we'll grab Milwaukee over Washington. The Brewers send Eric Lauer to the bump and we're gonna forget about his last start (5 innings, 6 hits, 4 earned runs) because the rest of his 2022 resume has been sparkling. He is 3-1, owns a 2.60 ERA and has not lost a game at home (5-0) since last JULY! Brews all around!

Stepping on to the hardwood and thinking about the Mavericks. Why? Because everyone is gonna look at game one and believe that Golden State will get the broom out. Not so fast. Sure Dallas looked totally flat in the opening game, and you really can't blame them. They just came off a STUNNING upset of the BEST team in the NBA and were absolutely NOT ready for the Warriors explosive offense. But lemme give you a little something somethin' about the Mavericks coming off a blowout loss. They lost to Phoenix in the second game of the series 129-109 then came back to win the next game 103-94. Then they lost to the Suns 110-80 in game five then bounced back to win game six, 113-86. Jason Kidd has a way of getting his kids to wash ugly losses down the drain really quick. And if you wanna go back to the regular season, the Mavs were 3-0 down the stretch coming off a loss of 20 points or more. So, we're not gonna go crazy and predict an outright win, but at +6.5 points, it's a light tickle. If you can buy the hook and get +7, then we would upgrade to a medium tickle.