• Monday, January 7, 2019

Time for an island getaway???

Elephant seals. That's what this National Championship game brings to mind. Did you ever watch those nature programs, and see these GIGANTIC seals fighting each other? That's Alabama and Clemson. The Elephant Seals of college football. If you're wondering, and I know you are, these bad boys, not the linemen, the SEALS, can weigh up to 6,500 pounds and stretch to 16 feet. That's how dominant these two teams look. So, which seal do we chose? Both seals are 14-0, and this is their 4th head-to-head in the title game. The Crimson Tide owns a 2-1 edge in crowns, but we're thinking Tigers +5 for sure (we bought at +6 when it opened). So, if both offenses are elite, and both defenses are elite, and the special teams are elite, where is the edge? Trevor Lawrence. Listened to an NFL scout, can't throw out the name, and here's what he said. "He's so far and away ahead of every other college quarterback right now. Elite accuracy and arm strength, poised, manages the game and WINS (my caps)." And if you're thinking a freshman can't win a national title, Tua Tagovailoa did last year. Nothing against Double T, but looked at Clemson's work on the road since the end of September, and WOW! The Tigers outscored their opponents 270-54, an average of 36 points per game. Probably why Clemson has covered eight of the last nine with a suitcase, for a GORGEOUS 89%. The Crimson Tide have not packed well, covering only five of the last 13 away from Tuscaloosa. And if history is our guide, let it end just like the last two title tilts. Either the Tide by 5, or the Tigers by 4. Not gonna roll out a best bet, but buying a medium size ticket on the Dabos.