ja ja ja

  • Thursday, January 13, 2022

Las Vegas - Quick NBA note. The Nets were -9.5 or -10 on the overnight line, but have dropped all the way to -7 over the Thunder, and, it could go lower. Why? Kyrie Irving can NOT play at any of the home games in Brooklyn, and coach Steve Nash said he might also rest Kevin Durant and James Harden.

LOVE Ja Morant! Still watching his INSANE chase-down/catch/block every day, and it gets better every time. And my mouth is STILL wide open. Ja put up 16 points on the Lakers, with 7 assists and 5 boards. Then he went off on Golden State, splashing 29 points with 8 assists and 5 boards. The Grizz have won 10 in a row, including wins over the cream of the NBA crop (Nets, Warriors, Lakers and Suns). So why Minnesota? Well, the Wolves have been money, literally, since the middle of December and are in the mix for a playoff spot. But it's all about the bank. Minny has covered 11 of the last 15, and should be able to hang with Ja & the rest of the Grizzly Bears.