• Saturday, January 11, 2020

Las Vegas - You ready? Lets rock. Kickin' it with the Vikings +7 points over the 49ers. Better on the road, and you have not done much for my bank account lately. Okay, I'll explain. First, better on the road refers to Minnesota. The Purple People turned up the heat last week, on the road, beating a really, really good Saints squad, and a really, really, REALLY good QB in Drew Brees. And my guy, Captain Kirk, was at the center of the storm. He was exceptional when he needed it, in OT, and didn't make any mistakes. The Vikings seem to like playing on the road, winning five of nine, but LOVE cashing away from home, covering five of the last seven. But my issue is with San Francisco, and what they have NOT done lately. Sure the Niners won three of the last five to close the season, but lemme bring you the scores. They lost to the Ravens, 20-17, squeezed past New Orleans, 48-46, lost to Atlanta, 29-22, beat the Rams, 34-31, and posted a 26-21 W against Seattle. Notice anything? Of course you do. The last three wins were by a GRAND total of 10 points. Not expecting Purple to reign, but do expect the final score to stay under a touchdown. But check the status of Minny WR Adam Thielen before you open the wallet.

Move back East and grab the Ravens -9 points over the Titans. Give Tennessee credit for knocking off Tom Brady and the Patriots last Saturday, but don't get too excited. Why? We're talking about the difference between a 42 year old statue trying to run like he's stuck in mud, and probably the most ELECTRIC player in the NFL. Tommy Terrific finally looked his age, and he had NO weapons to counter the Titans D. Lamar Jackson LOOKS his age, which is 23, has legs, has a cannon for an arm, and BOY, does he have weapons. He didn't have those weapons in last year's 23-17 Wild Card loss to the Chargers. He was actually kinda lousy, hitting on only 14/29 for 194 yards. And he was the leading rusher with 54 yards. The MVP, yea, it's his, does not have to worry about that now, because it looks like Mark Ingram (1,018 yards) is a go after resting for a few weeks, and that should keep the 2nd best offense in the league humming. If you wanna talk money, the Ravens are MONEY!!! They have covered nine of the last 10, NINETY PERCENT! We started the year best betting the Edgar Allan Poes, and they SMOKED the Dolphins, 59-10. Not expecting a 49 point margin, but an edge of two dozen sounds about right. One thing left to say, and you know what it is. This IS my BEST BET BAABBEEE!!!