left or right

  • Monday, August 7, 2017

Are you a yuge fan of the color blue, or, are you leaning to the right???

New York, New York baby. We might not have any teams on the top of the betting charts, in ANY sport, but we DO have dibs at the top of the ‘first coach to be fired’ category. Yup, right here, well, actually across the river in New Jersey, and it’s overwhelming. Say hello, or GOODBYE, to Todd Bowles, with odds of 3/2 to get the pink slip before anyone else. Next up is Cleveland’s Hue Jackson at 4/1, followed by Chicago’s John Fox and Indy’s Chuck Pagano both at 8/1. NYG head man, Ben McAdoo, is one of those listed as a ‘field’ bet, with odds of 2/1. If you need the rest of the coaches, hit my Email, ben@americasline.com.