• Friday, March 20, 2020

Las Vegas - Usually average between 50 and 100 Emails every week at the Vegas office, and MAN, what a hoot. I can always count on the Ecks & Bacon Nation to provide some comic relief.

One of my long time readers, Poor JR, sent this one in yesterday, and I'm printing it just as it appeared on my screen. No touch-ups, no spell check, no editing...

BEN... I always come to you with my Las Vegas questions.

I heard on the radio that Vegas is offering ---

drive through STRIP SHOWS / $100 / you don't have to get out of your car.

Inquiring minds want to know --- How do i get my usual lap dance---

if i'm in the car & the stripper isn't?


So, naturally, as painful as it might be, and with Mrs. Ecks & Bacon on board, I am required to do my homework, and check in on the clubs here in Vegas. Here's what we found.

One strip club, Little Darlings, is not only open, they are also planning to offer drive-thru strip shows and nude hand sanitizer wrestling. Starting this weekend, customers will be able to drive up to the front door, pay $100, and enjoy a 10-minute XXX show from the comfort and safety of their vehicles. That takes social distancing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!!

Probably not gonna go downtown and visit, but if you have any other Vegas questions, you know how to find me...