luis the castillo

  • Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Las Vegas - Rolling out West tonight and gonna rock the Mariners with Luis Castillo over the A's. Seattle is locked in a vicious three way fight for a Wild Card spot in the American League. That's one of the reasons they brought Castillo to town. Since coming over from Cincinnati, Luis has won three of four, and allowed just four earned runs over the last 24 innings for a gorgeous 1.50 ERA. He will face Oakland's JP Sears who came over in a trade with the Yankees, and looked pretty good, for a few weeks. However, the last two outings have been HORRIBLE. JP, that's John Patrick in case you're wondering, has been BOMBED for 15 hits and 11 earned runs in ONLY 6 innings. BIG OUCH! Gimme the Mariners for the money!