mad bum bum

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Las Vegas - Don't know if you're interested in laying $300 to win back $100, but if you are, say hello to the Dodgers. They play the Diamondbacks, and Madison Bumgarner is gonna drag his horribly tired left arm to the mound. No disrespect to MadBum, but the guy is DONE/COOKED/FINISHED! He has not won a game since July 23 (0-6) and has allowed a WHOPPING 35 earned runs over the last 35 innings. That's a run per inning, but even more problematic is, 54 hits over that same stretch. Yea, FIFTY FOUR HITS! And if the gigantic price scares you, take comfort in the fact that Dustin May is throwing for L.A. The last time out, May threw five innings worth of bagels, and DID NOT allow a hit. Keep it light, but buy the Dodgers.