mad max7788

  • Monday, August 1, 2022

Las Vegas - Most of the time, numbers don't lie. Max Scherzer missed almost two months, but has stepped back into the rotation with a roar. He has pitched 26 innings, allowed only 3 earned runs and posted 34 Ks. On the other side of the field, Patrick Corbin has been UGLIFIED. His record is sitting at 4-14 and he is giving up hits as fast as people were running to buy lottery tickets for the ONE BILLION DOLLAR prize. In his last three outings, Corbin has been DESTROYED for 24 hits and 16 earned runs in just 10.2 innings. And the most talented young kid in baseball, Juan Soto, might be gone by the time you read this. The Nationals are struggling with the worst record in MLB at 35-69, and apparently, they have GIVEN UP. Mad Max for the money.