namoi o

  • Friday, February 19, 2021

Las Vegas - Lacing up my converse, flying up to Boston and taking the Celtics over the Hawks. The Cs have played three teams back-to-back, and the results have been solid (66%). They lost at Indiana in the first game, then came back after a day off to win the second. They lost to Detroit in the first game and came back with a W in the second game. The only time they lost both was at Philly. This is the first time they get the same team twice in a row AT home. And after Atlanta posted a 122-114 victory Wednesday night, don't think the Bostonians are gonna drop two straight at the TD Garden. Check the injuries before you throw any bombs.

LOVE Serena Williams, but the torch has officially passed to Naomi Osaka. Serena looked really sharp leading up to the semi-final match, but sadly, Osaka is just Serena, only SIXTEEN years younger. Naomi hits as hard, serves as fast and covers the court a little bit better. Cut this paragraph out and save it. If she stays healthy, Osaka is the only player right now that might threaten or surpass Serena's incredible record of 23 grand slams. Naomi WILL pick up number FOUR on Friday, or Saturday if you're reading this in Australia, but don't think I'm willing to lay $500 to win back $100. If you don't mind YUGE favorites, go right ahead and step up to the counter, or the app on your phone.