natty 2022

  • Monday, January 10, 2022

Las Vegas - Start out the National Championship with a GUARANTEE. Not mine. NEVER make any guarantees or locks. This one comes from Alabama RB Brian Robinson Jr. After absolutely PULVERIZING Cincinnati's defense for 204 yards on the ground, Junior GUARANTEED a win for 'Bama and another title.

Okay. You might not have heard about it because the folks around the Crimson Tide that handle all the social media SHUT IT DOWN rather quick. But it's out there. And you KNOW that it's hanging in Georgia's locker room inside the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Actually heard a rumor that Kirby Smart has asked if they could use it as WALLPAPER!!! If you missed it, here are Robinson's actual words, "We just know how to fight, man," the fifth-year senior said, via Tuscaloosa News. "We know how to fight 'til the end. We know how to come together as a team, as a unit. Man, we're just warriors. We fight until the end with everything we do. That's why we're going to win the natty — repeat."

So, is Junior the next Joe Willie Namath who guaranteed a win over the Colts in Super Bowl III back in 1969? Or the next Mark Messier who guaranteed a W in game six against the New Jersey Devils when the Rangers were down three games to two in the Eastern Conference Finals in 1994? Or, is Robinson gonna be more like Wyoming head coach Joe Glenn back in 2007 when he guaranteed a win over Utah? Final score: Utes 50, Wyoming and coach Glenn a BIG FAT SPECTACULAR ZERO!!!

Oops. In the first graph, I mentioned that the word lock is NEVER EVER used in any of my columns. UNTIL NOW! Breaking precedent and telling you that B-Rob Jr. will NEVER, NO WAY, shred the Georgia D for over 200 yards. And that's a LOCK!!! Open to any and all P2P bets. Hit my Email,, and we'll talk.

On to the stats that you must have. Of course we have numbers that go back years, but for now, we'll offer up all the relevant 2021 spread stats.

Georgia has compiled a 9-5 record against the spread, 8-5 as a favorite, 7-1 on the road, with 8 Unders and 6 Overs.

Alabama's overall spread record is 8-6, 1-0 as an underdog, 4-3 on the road, with 8 Unders, 5 Overs and one push.

Naturally, you've already digested the amazing Nick Saban results when it comes to facing his former assistants, which is a STAGGERING 25-1, with a 4-0 PERFECTO against Kirby and Georgia. That one blemish on Saban's record came this season when Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M beat Alabama 41-38. So, you KNOW that Smart has been on the phone with Jimbo trying to understand how to whip the G.O.A.T.

So, this is MEGA-REVENGE for the Bulldogs for many reasons, including the 26-23 loss to Alabama in the title game at the end of the 2017 season. Found an interesting little tidbit that might work to Georgia's advantage. It's a small sample size, but over the last 40+ years in the fight for the National Title, there have been only three rematches from the regular season. The team that lost came back to win ALL THREE!

Looking at the box score of the SEC Championship Game when the Tide crushed the Dawgs 41-24, a few things jump off the page. Stetson Bennett wasn't horrible (29/48 for 340 yards) but Bryce Young was ENORMOUS (26/44 for 421 yards). Georgia held Robinson to only 55 yards on the ground, but WR Jameson Williams went off with nine catches for an astounding 184 yards. Another LOCK for you. Jameson AIN'T gonna rock 180 yards again. John Metchie III also had a day with six grabs for 97 yards. Metchie will NOT play on Monday!

Just enough copy to lead you to the endgame and we're NOT gonna bark with the dog, but will grab the DAWGS as they look to taste some sweet revenge and put a leash on Alabama's talented offense. This pick WILL NOT be a LOCK or a GUARANTEE, and at -2.5, just gonna grab a small handful of chips on Georgia.