• Sunday, January 16, 2022

Las Vegas - Gonna kick off this delicious Sunday with Tampa vs. Philadelphia. Well, guess it's over. Rob Ninkovich says that the Eagles DON'T HAVE A CHANCE against the Bucs on Sunday. Just for clarification, Ninkovich played with Tom Brady and won two Super Bowls with TB12. BIAS? Just asking. If you looked at the last game for each team, maybe NINK was right and it IS over. Tampa blasted the Panthers 41-17, while Philadelphia was mauled by the Cowboys 51-26. Of course, Carolina sucks, and you probably know that the Igles did NOT play QB Jalen Hurts. Also didn't play T Lane Johnson and C Jason Kelce (actually took one snap then left), who were BOTH selected to the ALL-PRO team! And if you look at the regular season game when the Bucs won 28-22 in Philly, TB12 was magnificent, hitting on 34 of 42 for 297 yards and 2 TDs. And yet the Bucs won by ONLY six points. Brady connected with Antonio Brown and Chris Godwin for a total of 14 catches and 136 yards. NEITHER one will play Sunday! Of course, we suggest that you buy the hook from +8.5 to +9. Now that you have everything you need, take FOUR HELMETS off the shelf, and call this one my BEST BET BAABBBEEE!!!

As for the two other games, not gonna hit the betting apps on my phone, or, head down to the sportsbook. Totally flummoxed by the Cowboys/49ers matchup and don't wanna lay 12.5 with Kaycee in a game that could come down to a back-door cover.