• Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Las Vegas - Very cool NFL prop floating around and it's the Exact Win Total for each team. Just to give you a a taste, take the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Their Over/Under total for total season wins is listed at 11.5 at most sportsbooks. But you can break it down into segments, and bet each segment. So, start out with the RIDICULOUS that NO ONE in their right mind would bet. If you think that Kaycee is gonna win zero to four games, the odds are 20/1. Actually, the odds on that should be NEVER/1. If you think that the Chiefs are gonna win 15 or 16 games, the odds are also 20/1. If you think that K.C. is gonna win five to nine games, the odds are 5/2. And if you think that Kaycee is gonna win 10 to 14 games, that's the betting favorite with odds of 1/2.

Last year, Andy Reid's kids won 12 of 16 on the way to lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy, so why not tickle the 15/16 win wager at a PLUMP 20/1. Of the four losses, none were by more than seven points. They lost at home to the Colts, 19-13, and followed the next week with a home loss to the Texans, 31-24. Another loss at home to the Packers, 31-24, but, and this is a YUGE but, Patrick Mahomes was OUT! The final loss was a 35-32 L at Tennessee. So, four losses by 6, 7, 7 and 3 points. ALL winnable games. Why not drop a few chips on Kaycee to win 15/16. Looked at the schedule and the only three spots where we possibly see a loss are week three at Baltimore, week six at Buffalo, and week 15 at New Orleans. All the rest look like Ws, so gimme a quarter on the Chiefs to finish 15-1 at 20/1 odds.

*Kansas City Chiefs - Exact Amount of Wins*
Wins * * Odds*
0-4 * * 20/1*
5-9 * * 3/2*
10-14 * * 1/2*
15-16 * * 20/1*