• Monday, October 14, 2019

Las Vegas - Yea, Devonte Adams will miss the game because of a bum toe, but for the line to drop from an open of -6 to -3.5 does not make sense. Unless of course you're playing, or praying, for the game to fall on 4 or 5. And unless we see Aaron Rodgers on the injury list, we're buying Cheese, and also buying the hook down to -3. Mr. Discount Double Check has a memory as sharp as any in the league. And he will not forget the final game last season, an UGLIFIED 31-0 loss at home to Detroit, and getting knocked silly with a concussion in the 2nd quarter. Looking at the weather channel, and they tell me game time temps are gonna hover around around 40 degrees, with no precipitation, and 3/4 mph winds. If that forecast holds, you might wanna tap the Over.

Gotta take a look at Stephen Strasburg over the Cards tonight. At the start of this series, Uncle Mo was not sure which way to lean. Obviously, he is leaning toward the Nationals. Washington has totally shut down St. Louis, and now they bring out their other horse, Strasburg. The big righty mastered a prolific Dodgers offense, and he should be able to keep on rockin', especially in D.C., where he posted a 10-2 overall record this season, and has not lost, 7-0, since June 15. Gnats bother me...Nats don't.