• Sunday, November 3, 2019

Las Vegas - Before we get to the best bet, gonna go to Prop City in the Eagles/Bears game. Not saying that Da Bears are as bad as the Jets, but the last game at home, the Igles stormed out to a 14-0 lead against the New Yorkers after the 1st quarter, and it was 21-0 at the half. Last week, the Eagles didn't exactly roar out of the starting gate, but did win the 1st Q, 3-0, and the half as well, with an 11-7 edge. So, gonna put some green on the Green to win the 1st Q at -.5, yea, minus just a hook, and to win the 1st half at -3. Also contemplating taking Philly Over 23.5 points for the game, since they've scored, 32, 24 and 31 the last three times out at the Linc.

As for the best bet, it actually doesn't happen till tomorrow. I'll give you a hint. The team we like has a STAR!!!