red sucks

  • Sunday, April 4, 2021

Las Vegas - It's a small sample size, obviously, but the Red Sox are scoring an average of ONE RUN per game. They've lost two in a row to the Orioles, and are in danger of being swept in their opening home stand. Do NOT like Boston, NEVER have, but will throw a few pennies at 'em to avoid the 0-3 Fenway hat trick.

Taking a quick look across the pond and expecting Manchester United to throw a bagel at the Brighton & Hove Albion Seagulls. Any team that has FOUR names does NOT deserve to win. Kinda like IUPUI which is, Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis. They have FIVE names and when is the last time you remember the Jaguars from Indy winning ANYTHING? Thought so. Actually, Brighton has NEVER won a game at Manchester's ground, Old Trafford. If you like goal differential, United is a +24, scoring 56 goals and allowing 32. Hove is sitting in negative territory with a -4 differential, scoring 32 goals and allowing 36. Man U has also kept FOUR straight clean sheets, bagels to you and me, in the Premier League. The price is reasonable, -$150 to win $100, so we will drop a few Euros on the Red Devils.