safe cracker guy

  • Thursday, June 30, 2022

Las Vegas - Nothing on the MLB board is calling my name, so got a wonderful story from my old friend Joey Jersey, and you CAN'T make this stuff up. Double J, the floor is yours...

Another neighborhood guy I loved. Jimmy the Owl. He was a burglar, and only came around the bar at 11:00 at night, always dressed in black. Goin' to work, a second story guy. I loved him. He was the best. When he made a score nobody in the joint paid for a drink, it was always on the Owl. He got info on a big job a little out of his range. A safe cracking job in a jewelry store in Times Square. It was next to a movie theater. The Owl got hooked up with a safe cracker, Charlie Boom-Bah. They went through the roof with all their tools, then they went to work on the safe. They made so much noise that the people in the movies couldn’t hear the flick. They called the cops and the Owl and Boom-Bah both got pinched. They sent the Owl away with an 8 year bid. He did 5 I think. When he got out, we had a racket for him ($40 a man), a few ladies, and some food to raise money for the Owl to get back on his feet. Did that a lot back then. For guys like me in the neighborhood goin' to Vietnam, they raised money for our mothers, girlfriends and wives. So everyone was breaking the Owls feathers (Joey used another word, think round, think they bounce) about getting pinched because they were making too much noise. The Owl said that he learned his lesson and the next time he’s gonna wear FREAKIN' EAR PLUGS!!!