• Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Upcoming games you ask? Gotcha! Fast forward to Turkey weekend, and there are some projected spreads that will make your brain melt. In the SEC, Alabama will be favored by approximately 25 points over Auburn in the annual throw down at the Iron Bowl. Did I say TWENTY FIVE POINTS??? Gotta check my memory card, but don't believe I've seen a number that high in this game in the last 40 years. If Notre Dame gets by Florida State and Syracuse, the only speed bump left in the quest for a regular season perfecto is USC. And right now, the Fighting Irish are projected out as an 8/9 point favorite over the Trojans IN Los Angeles. And when it comes to dotting the i, barring any injuries, Michigan will come into Columbus as a projected 2/3 point favorite over the Buckeyes. Crazy stuff huh.