• Friday, June 14, 2019

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Las Vegas - Born in the Bronx. Bleed Pinstripes. Don't think I have EVER bet against the NYY. Well, there's a first for everything. If there was ever a time to go against my boys, this is IT. And the reason is simple. Two words. Lucas Giolito. If you have not been following the White Sox, Giolito has been as good as anyone in MLB. He has won eight in a row, and allowed ONLY 5 earned runs over the last 51 innings, for a virtually invisible 0.88 ERA. And you all remember what my Daddy told me. 'Whenever you find a guy with a ZERO as the first number of the ERA, OPEN the wallet. Even better, C.C. Sabathia is throwing for New York, and he has been a wee bit ugly. C.C. has allowed 20 hits and 11 earned runs over the last 16 innings, and that ERA, 6.19, is about as big as Sabathia's 2016 belly. C.C. knows I say that with LOVE, but you can put me down for some change on Chicago.