• Saturday, March 21, 2020

Las Vegas - Living in Vegas, even though it's basically closed, does have its perks. Like mobile sportsbooks. Yea, I have like five phone accounts, and enjoy betting from my couch, my patio, my jacuzzi, and even the car. In no particular order, my accounts are at William Hill, Westgate, Circa, the Station Casinos and the Wynn. Got an Email from Will Hill yesterday, advising me on the betting possibilities for the upcoming weekend. The menu is actually pretty substantial. There's Russian soccer, Australian Rules Football and Rugby, as well as a handful of NFL draft props. Have NO clue about Aussie Rules Football, but did notice that the totals were ENORMOUS. Like an over/under of 156.5 in the North Melbourne Kangaroos vs. the St. Kilda Saints game. But the one that REALLY caught my eye was Sumo Wrestling. SUMO Haru Basho 2020 is one of the six annual events on the Grand Tournament Schedule. We found out that Haru Basho is 15 straight days of battles between the elite Sumo wrestlers in the world. Not gonna throw down any chips, but if you follow the Sumos, you know that Kakuryu is in a three way tie for the top spot, and is -$145 against Asanoyama at +$115. Just a little vital info on Kaku if you're interested. He's from Mongolia, he tips the scale at about 342 pounds, BEFORE lunch, and has won six Makuuchis, which is kinda like winning the Super Bowl. His opponent, Asanoyama, is from Japan, so home country edge, tips the scale at around 390, AFTER lunch, and does not own any Makuuchis. Tough call, but I'll be rooting for my guy KAKU!!!