tb12 15

  • Monday, November 22, 2021

Las Vegas - How many times has Tom Brady lost three in a row during his career? Funny enough, we have the answer. The only time that TB12 lost three consecutive starts was back in 2002, his first season as a full-time starter. So Tommy Terrific will be HYPER-ready for the New Yorkers. Not only to avoid the losing hat trick, but as you all know, wanting BADLY to beat the team that cost him TWO Super Bowls. Obviously, this AIN'T that team. Eli Manning is gone, and causing quite a stir with Peyton on the Monday night broadcast. And tell me if you think that Eli is gonna show clips from his two Super wins over Brady? A better question is, how many times will they show it! The Peyton & Eli show is gonna be a MUST WATCH! Despite the two losses, TB12 is still playing at a RIDICULOUS level, and LEADS the NFL with TWENTY SEVEN TD passes. He has also gobbled up 2,870 air yards if you were wondering. Gonna rely on home cooking here where the Bucs have thrown up a FOUR & OH PERFECTO and covered three times. The last time they played in Tampa, the Bucs came out BLAZING, destroying the Bears in the 1st quarter, 21-0. They've also outscored the opposition 83-20 the last two at Raymond James. So, we're throwing down a wager on the Bucs to win the 1st Q, and you'll have to lay around -3 points. Also gonna watch VERY carefully, and if for some INSANE reason, the NYG are ahead by a few points heading into the 4th quarter, I will EMPTY my Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts and drop it ALL on Tampa to win the quarter at -2.5 points. Enjoy the Mannings!