tease me77

  • Sunday, September 19, 2021

Las Vegas - In an effort to add a little more green to your wallet on Sunday, we're flying with the Cardinals over the Vikings. Not only do we LOVE Kyler Murray, we'll get there in a minute, but this Arizona defense could be frightening as the season rolls on. We all know about J.J. Watt, the THREE TIME defensive player of the year, but it's Chandler Jones that's getting all the buzz. Jones had FIVE sacks and with Isaiah Simmons and Budda Baker running wild, Minny is gonna be in for a long day. These guys held Derrick Henry to ONLY 58 yards last week. FIFTY EIGHT! And this is a wrecking ball that led the NFL with 2,027 yards last season. Did I say TWO THOUSAND TWENTY SEVEN YARDS? OH YEA! Sorry for screaming. Now, back to Murray for a second. Kyler was 21 of 32 for 289 yards and four TDs last week. Life might be even easier for Murray this week for two reasons. We heard the Vikings might be without their leading tackler, LB Eric Kendricks (led the entire NFL with 15 total tackles last week), as well as LB Anthony Barr. Since the Purple People are riding an UGLY 0-8 run against the spread, gimme 'Zona, and, you can BOOK IT!!!

Also gonna tickle the Titans at +6.5 points over the Seahawks. Of course, if you can buy the hook up to +7, then lock it in.

My guy, the Other Silver Brother, started the year with a three team 10-point teaser winner, and he is back on the job again. The OSB is gonna look at the late games, starting with the Bucs/Falcons. He says, take TB12 down from -12.5 to -2.5 points over Atlanta. Then drop Seattle from -6.5 to +3.5 points against Tennessee. Close up shop with Dallas, and bump the Cowboys up from +3 to +13 points against the Chargers.