• Friday, February 7, 2020

Las Vegas - Quick note on the NBA. There were a ton of trades yesterday, and the dust hasn't settled yet. We don't know who is playing, who is traveling and who is awaiting a medical clearance. Still dizzy after all the moves, with approximately half a hundred players moving around the chess board. So, naturally, the lines and Over/Under totals are very fluid. Stay sharp.

Dribbling into the Ivy League tonight and gonna grab Yale -6 points over Harvard. The Bulldogs have been only spectacular this season, winning 13 of the last 14 straight up, and covering 13 of the last 16. That's 81%, and that's a MONEY MACHINE! If you've been rolling with the Crimson, you're staring at a big PHAT hole in your wallet. Why? The kids from Cambridge limp into New Haven with an 0-5 NEGATIVE spread perfecto. And make sure you say hello to Yale's mascot, Handsome Dan, if you're at the game.