cats and cal

  • Friday, March 17, 2023

Las Vegas - For all my millions that DID NOT have PRINCETON crushing Arizona's dreams, or, FURMAN kicking out Virginia, welcome to my FREAKIN' bracket! Gonna put a smile back on your face, and drop another game winner on you. Say hello to Coach Cal and Kentucky. Totally understand that this isn't one of John Calipari's SUPER teams, but the Wildcats look like they are ready to Dance, winning and covering five of the last seven. Now they fight a Providence team that appeared to be steaming toward the Big East regular season crown with a 14-3 record in early January. That's when the proverbial wheels fell off. The Friars were basically average until the end of February when they dropped four of the last five games. And their only win was against the WORST team in the Big East, Georgetown. Gimme the Kentucky 'Cats for the money.