Where America can Bet on Sports

The success of a land-based business is usually the result of three factors: location, location and location. In the online world, the three factors are credibility, credibility and credibility.

It’s easy in Las Vegas to determine the best and more credible sportsbooks. You simply visit them, check out their odds, walk around and get paid when you win. Online sportsbooks operate in various jurisdictions around the world from the UK to Australia to Malta to Antigua. All have their good points, some have their bad points.

The focus here is on credible, long-standing companies who have demonstrated a long history of fair play and reliable payouts. If they happen to offer sweet bonuses, unique odds types, and superior parlay or teaser odds, that’s even better.

Bovada – One of the pioneering sportsbooks from the mid-1990s at its core and the cream of the crop in the estimation of many review sites. Coming out of the gate in 2011 with a huge bonus offer and maintaining it with a 20% Free Bet offer up to $100, Bovada has become a must-have account for many sports fans. Terrific underdog odds, tremendous customer support, and easy access to the poker room, blackjack tables, and racebook all within a single online wallet system. Throw in the revolutionary poker room and you have a must-visit site at Bovada.

Bodog – The pre-eminent online gaming brand has been operating since the mid 1990s. Characterized by superior customer service, bullshit-free marketing, easy-to-navigate sites and a commitment to fair bonuses, Bodog has become a must-have account for many sports fans. They have raised their bonus structure, but the main reason that many have a Bodog account is to take advantage of their terrific underdog odds. Because they are known as a recreational book, recreational players often bet heavily on the favorites. That means they balance action by offering better odds for underdogs. So when most books are offering the underdog at +7, you’ll often find the same team at +7.5 or +8 at Bodog. And we all know the value of an extra half point.